I Was Supposed to Get that “Coffeehouse Planner” But I Got Fat, Broke and Insomniac on the 10th Frappe

If you don’t understand why everyone is going ga-ga over that certain planner a certain coffeehouse is selling or giving away after you’ve turned fat, broke or insomniac, welcome to the club.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it actually. If you always buy coffee, then it makes perfect sense to avail of the planner in question. In fact, I admire the passion and determination of others to the point of skipping lunch or dinner or both just to grab their copy of that planner every year. (I even know a couple of kids who ask money from their parents and claim it’s for a project for their Social Studies class. Social, alright.)

It’s a cool planner I must admit. If I were that into overpriced coffee, I’d probably get myself one, too. But I’m happy with my Kapeng Barako so, thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway, just as that coffeehouse everyone is ga-ga over releases their planner that everyone is ga-ga over, a couple of friends came up with a brilliant idea of producing their own planner that could give that “coffeehouse planner everyone is ga-ga over” a run for its overpriced life. It’s more like my friends’ personal project but they printed 498 more, so you might want to buy a copy. LOL.

So what is this ingenious planner that threatens the order of the society?

Well, it’s called the “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-and-broke-on-the-10th-frappe planner.” Sorry for its quite lengthy name, but there’s no other name more suitable.

This mocking planner talks to you in Tagalog and treats you as a real friend, the kind you always suspect of being gay or schizophrenic. It does not give you boring inspirational quotes every page. Heck, it might even insult you, like a real friend. And on top of it all, like a real friend, it’s the one you’d like to use as much as you can.

It has art, it has wit, and you don’t have to buy 30 frakkin’ cups of coffee just to get it. You just have to shell out P320. See? Like a real friend, it’s cheap.

The picture above is the cover. Now, take a look at the inside pages:

Page 2

Disclaimer Page

Written: Sorry, ang planner na ito ay: Walang stickers. Walang coupons. Walang free ballpen na may engraved logo sa gilid. Walang bookmark na ribbon. Walang authentic leather cover. Walang discount sa spa. Walang pink. Walang perkiness. Walang kakikayan. Walang inspirational quotes. Walang tips on how to spend your summer. Pero may kalendaryo. Promise.

February Page


August Calendar Page

November Notes Page

Want one? Post a comment or visit its official Multiply page or text 0906-4652191. Don’t forget to say I, the great Yoshke Dimen, referred you, okie?

Hurry! Limited supplies only. SERYOSO ‘TO. Konti lang yan.

Bili ka ha, at paki-tsismis sa mga kaibigan mong ma-art, kahit sa mga maarte na rin. Peksman, hope to die, maganda ‘to. Bow.


  1. Hi! I super like the planner. I’ll get two, one for me and one fr my friend who is currently in Laos. Yoshke referred this. 🙂

  2. Hey.. The planner’s such witty idea..

    how can i get one? and how much does it cost?

    good one yoshke.. 🙂

    • hi alissi! we do meet-ups in ortigas, trinoma and UP areas. just text us at 0906-4652191 for your order and sked =) salamat, intay namin text mo!

  3. may planner pa po ba sila ngayong 2012? i still want to get a copy (na sana 2012 na din ang kalendaryo) 😀

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