Yoshke’s Weekend in Bohol in 4 Minutes

Hi guys, just sharing how my weekend went told in images in less than 4 minutes to the tune of Christina Aguilera’s MONDAY MORNING from the deluxe edition of her fourth studio album Bionic. (Haha. Sorry for plugging.)

[youtube HluKYH5RmP4]

I’ll be narrating what happened on my Bohol trip in detail soon. I just need to find time as I’ve been awfully busy. And oh by the way, I did not drop any of my four trips the past month. So now I’m tired, broke, and my skin is freakin’ flakin’. Sunog na sunog. LOL.


  1. Brown & Broke..

    Its ok.. at least you had a great time.. 😀

    Great to know that you still went to Bohol.. “Nobody drops a trip to Bohol!” hehe..

    I hope you can find time soon.. Miss you na.. 🙁

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