What Goes Around Comes a-Round

And I have come ’round. Like, really round.

Last weekend, I was in Cebu for the fifth time. While preparing for this trip, I checked out photos from my very first time in Cebu in 2009.  And so, to see just how much I have changed and how “round” I have grown over the past two years, I decided to wear the same shirt and planned to have a pic taken at the same spot.

And the result?

I remember a conversation with a friend.

Friend: Kung ikaw ay alak, ano ka?
Yoshke: Ginebra. Bilog na bilog.



  1. OMG! I’ve been away too long.. Now lang kita nakita like that. It’s not bad.. As long as you are still the Yoshke we all know..and syempre as long as you’re still healthy..

    Miss yah..

  2. need na ng bibig mo ng new “pose” since nagmumukhang kumakain ka na lagi ng siopao… hehehe!! peace!!!

    pansin ko lang, fave mo ang stripes!

  3. Whoa. But you still look cute. Haha. Peace Yoshke, okay lang yan.
    Magbago man ang panlabas, basta ikaw pa din yung okay na okay na Yoshke, no harm done ika nga. 🙂

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