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Random expression of thoughts or emotions at the moment done impulsively.

Bulleted Blurts

Wow, time flies. January has only a few days left. I still got tonsilitis. Dammit. But it’s aright, I’m completely functional. Just that my breath smells like a slice of durian you trap in a jar for a week and then you open it and voila…. Yikes. So now I’m in Batangas with my family. Yesterday, I was in Tagaytay. And it was COLD. I know what you’re thinking. “Come on, it’s Tagaytay, of course, it’s cold. Duh?” Well yeah, but not that cold. I’m always there. Thanks to its proximity to our house here. But it was really cold.…

We Crash Like Planes Do

I don’t want to start this blogging year with an emo entry but I really have got something emo to say. And I’ve got to say this now. Even before I hit puberty, my friends have been emigrating — to Canada, to the US. That’s why back then, I developed some sort of hatred towards these two countries. I felt like, “North America is stealing my friends.” Years passed, and I noticed that I’d been losing friends not just to Canada or the US but also to Australia, to the UK, to the Middle East. It’s as if all the…


The comedy is that even after all this time, we’re still like this. The tragedy is that we’re still like this. And that’s just nasty. Oh well.

Define Euphoria

National List of Passers 2007 FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS Held 19-21 December 2007 (Released: 29 August 2008) Department of Foreign Affairs – Philippines Gaaawd. Just when I start envying my friends (especially Bebs) for reaching new heights in their careers, something like this comes my way. From a thousand examinees, now we’re down to 58. (Yeah, the mortality rate in FSO Exam makes us all go suicidal.) I didn’t expect this. I absolutely hoped for it but not expected. I mean, come on, the questions were like: Formulate an ECONOMIC policy for the Philippine Embassy in Paris and back…

Domestic Plight

A grim incident has transformed our home into a mini-hospital. The air inside the house is perfumed with microbicides and alcohol. Trash bins are brimming with used bandages and cotton balls. Rooms are adorned with antibiotics and painkillers lying around. The coffee table is covered with CT scan results and X-Ray plates. And almost every day, visitors come pouring in with foods and gifts. Yes, our house has suddenly become a hospital. This is because last Tuesday, almost a mile away from our house, there was a horrible road accident. My mother and my brother were in it. Fortunately, everyone…

Tell Me I’m Not Writing into an Abyss or That is What Will Become of My Heart

Status: keep bleeding love. Music: Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis, Love Song – Sara Bereilles I know Dohna has already posted this video on her blog but I just want to share this to my readers, too. This is sooooo cute. Watch it now, now, NOW!!! My Gawd! Life is so unfair! That little boy has a friggin’ love life?!?! And I? Ugh, I’d rather not mention. Haha. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Define Happiness

NATIONAL LIST OF QUALIFIERS Foreign Service Examination Qualifying Test Department of Foreign Affairs 06 May 2007 Now, I have a pretty good reason to smile for the rest of the week. One step closer to becoming an ambassador, er, diplomat. Ehehehe.