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Smile, Mate!

DARWIN, Australia — I stop in my tracks for two things: the delicious scent of grilled chicken is becoming too difficult to ignore, and the sunset’s afterglow illuminating the night market is just too irresistible not to be captured. I take a deep breath, raise my camera, and work the shutter. When I put my…

Skydive For Life

Skydive For Life. What is it, eh? Let’s just say that my former co-worker Elvin Uy has always wanted to try skydiving but would not have enough courage to skydive just for the sake of. So let’s put some cause into his dream adventure. We’ll give him enough ego boost but on the way down, we’ll be able to help him help a cancer patient via Cancer Warriors Foundation.

What’s Up With Me

Because updating Twitter and Plurk every whatever hour is too grueling a task for me (yeah, I’m lazy like that), why not deliver updates all at once every week? Wahaha. February na! Birthday season. Hahaay. Most of my friends are Februarians. And as I said before, unlike January which I have a love-hate relationship with, February is ALWAYS kind to me. And I know this year ain’t gonna be different.  😀 Kelly Clarkson is baaaaack! Although I actually think that My Life Would Suck Without You isn’t one of her best singles, I’m just ecstatic she’s back on top, making…