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Top 18 Most Annoying Types of People (Part 2)

I originally wrote this part for crunkish.com, an amazing website that we put up. Hehe. Anyway, Let’s continue with the bashing. Hihi. If you missed the first half, click here. But first, a disclaimer: I’m actually guilty of being one (or maybe two or more) of these. Go figure. Haha.

Top 18 Most Annoying Types of People (Part 1)

Humans are social animals. This means that we have to live both as individuals and as members of a group. Sometimes, however, we just find ourselves not getting along well with some types of people. No matter how much we try, we find it extremely difficult to like some people for reasons ranging from little nasty habits to utter viciousness. Throughout the day, we encounter countless types of people. While some are truly delightful, others are just plain vexatious. They may be our friends or family but there are just something we love to hate about them. Here are the…