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Shy Guy and I: The Thought

One romantic night, my hubby Shy Guy and I were lying in our bed. It was one of those nights when we would just drop everything we were doing and just enjoy the moment. No one was saying anything. Just exchanging glances and smiles. After a sweet long embrace and a gentle kiss, he looked at me and found me staring back at him. “Anong nasa isip mo?” he asked. I smiled, touched his face and whispered, “Antaba mo na!”

Andre and the Comedienne: Good Looks Chronicles

It’s been a while since I posted conversations with Andre. We don’t spend that much time together anymore even though we’re now housemates. Ironic, yeah? Blind Spot While walking around at a mall: Yoshke: Uy, nakita mo yung nakasalubong natin? Grabe, he was checking you out! Tingin sya nang tingin sayo! Andre: Ah talaga? Hindi ko nakita! Gwapo? Yoshke: Err… Hinde. Andre: Aaaah… kaya hindi ko nakita. Aba, may selective blindness! Top 3 Shy Guy: Uy Andre, may papakilala ako sa’yo na officemate. Gwapo. Eto Facebook nya. Andre: Oh sige sige. Shy Guy showed AndreĀ  the guy’s Facebook profile. Andre:…