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Office Distractions

Accusing Distraction Tuesday morning. Esan, a brand new co-worker, excitedly told me about someone she used to work with. Esan: Yoshke! I’d introduce someone to you! You’ll like him. He’s hot  and a real gentleman! His name is ^&%##. Yoshke: Esan, I’m already seeing someone. I’m a one-man man. I’m one loyal, trustworthy guy. Esan: Wushooo… Yoshke: Ano namang tingin mo saken? MALANDI? Everyone in the office, who, apparently, was listening: OO! Hala. Sabay-sabay pa. Singit pa nung isa, “At feeling mo HINDE?” Haha. Henaku. Hindi naman talaga… Repeating Distraction One boring afternoon at the office. Yoshke: If I tell…

Allow Me to Be Emo

And just like that, it all comes crashing down. And my one dream is shattered. As shattered as I am now. If you wanna be friends with me, I’m telling you, now is the best time. I’m OK now. You see, I move on easily. Haha. Over it.

Define Euphoria

National List of Passers 2007 FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS Held 19-21 December 2007 (Released: 29 August 2008) Department of Foreign Affairs – Philippines Gaaawd. Just when I start envying my friends (especially Bebs) for reaching new heights in their careers, something like this comes my way. From a thousand examinees, now we’re down to 58. (Yeah, the mortality rate in FSO Exam makes us all go suicidal.) I didn’t expect this. I absolutely hoped for it but not expected. I mean, come on, the questions were like: Formulate an ECONOMIC policy for the Philippine Embassy in Paris and back…

Never Have I Ever Regretted a Drink

Last Friday our team had a party at Lauren‘s place as a part of our semimonthly office gatherings. There were lotsa fun, food, and of course booze. Among my officemates, there were only a few people who knew about my sexuality — Bridget, who used to be my classmate in UP; Aika, who is also from UP; Chemae, who said she could be bisexual so I confessed to her, too; and Jon, a straight guy whom I volunteered the information to when we were having a drink two weeks ago. But I’m sure others had a clue. I mean, with…

Job Requirement: Must Be in Your Right Mind

I’ve been trying to find a job online for a week now. The job I want is just something that can fill the gap between now and me-becoming-a-diplomat day. And being naturally picky, I am really having a tough time finding jobs which I think suit me, or at least interest me. Having a BA Film degree (which is under the Mass Communication umbrella ella ella eh eh eh hehehehe), the employers who are most likely to hire me are advertising agencies, production houses, TV networks, and movie outfits. However, I’ve tried all of them and I didn’t like them. Or if I did like them, the compensation wasn’t…

Define Happiness

NATIONAL LIST OF QUALIFIERS Foreign Service Examination Qualifying Test Department of Foreign Affairs 06 May 2007 Now, I have a pretty good reason to smile for the rest of the week. One step closer to becoming an ambassador, er, diplomat. Ehehehe.