From Love

My lovelife — good, bad, and sometimes, ugly.

Night at the Taxi Stand

SANTORINI, 2017. We arrived in the Greek town of Oia past 10pm. It was a cold, windy December evening, and because it’s off season, the village was as dormant as the volcano it overlooks. As in most destinations, we tried to find our booked room as soon as we got off the cab.



My travel life began when I fell in love. I’m not talking about love for the road or love for travel. I’m talking about love love. Romantic love. I-will-go-anywhere-with-you kind of love. Before I met him, I never traveled anywhere. Neither did he, before he met me. I don’t know what happened or how, but…

From My Handwritten Journal: Not the Coffee Kind of Love

MANILA, Philippines — I have no idea what had gotten into me. Maybe it was the rain or the slow ballads that I had been listening to the whole day. I was feeling a little down again, thinking about my childhood and the idea of talking to a shrink came up again but the idea…

Three Years is a Long Time

Three years is a long time. In three years, a mahogany seedling could be a fully grown tree. An entry-level employee could become a supervisor or a manager, or he could resign, if he’s lucky. A graduate school enrollee could finish a degree with thesis. A celebrity could rise to fame and spiral back down…

Shy Guy and I: The Thought

One romantic night, my hubby Shy Guy and I were lying in our bed. It was one of those nights when we would just drop everything we were doing and just enjoy the moment. No one was saying anything. Just exchanging glances and smiles. After a sweet long embrace and a gentle kiss, he looked at me and found me staring back at him. “Anong nasa isip mo?” he asked. I smiled, touched his face and whispered, “Antaba mo na!”

My Top 100 All-Time Favorite Love Songs (Part 6)

Just this morning, when I opened up my laptop and launched iTunes, it randomly played Leigh Nash’s Need to Be Next to You. And in an instant, I was reminded of this list and that I had not posted a follow up since August last year. So here it is. This is the sixth installment of my list of 100 love songs that I am completely in love with. This batch includes singles from number 21-30. Again, this is a personal list — songs that have touched me in many ways. (Click on the title of the song to listen…

What’s On My Mind?

“What’s on your mind?” Every night, while lying in bed before we go to sleep and I’m unusually quiet, you’d look at me and ask, “What’s on your mind?” I’d answer with a dismissing, “Wala lang. (Nothing.)” And then, we’d talk about something else. The truth is, I wasn’t thinking about nothing. I was thinking about you. Have you ever wondered why I would always make sure you go to sleep before me? That’s because I love looking at you while you’re in dreamland. I would look at you, just look at you. And then I’d just find myself praying,…